Money Matters

Student Store

HMDPA has stocked all necessary music supplies in the "Student Store". Students may use their student account profits from fundraising for needed supplies. Students may purchase items such as reeds, valve oil, cork grease, rosin, strings, and cleaners as needed.

HMDPA will allow students to receive items through the store on a "Charge System" through our "Charms" software. Charms You can see your statement at any time. Statements can be sent home or via email if requested.  You can request your student's statement by emailing Please include your student's name and which class they music class they are in.

Money Procedures

All money transactions are made through HMDPA. Either through or the Deposit Box located in the Music Room. We prefer checks. But we will take cash if necessary.

Please make checks to: H.M.D.P.A or Hillsdale Music Department Parent Association

Procedure to deposit money into account via check and the "Black Box".

Place money, checks or Paypal receipts into envelope.

Make sure envelope is completely filled out.

Deposit your envelope into the "Deposit Box", a BIG Black box in the back of the music room.

Do NOT give money to Mr. Caldwell or any adult.


We do accept Paypal for all money transactions. Click on the subpages below for the appropriate payment.  Fill out the information requested and you can check out with Paypal. Please print your receipt and put the receipt in an envelope and deposit your envelope in the Deposit box in the back of the music room.