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Activity Contribution

The financial goal for HMDPA to have the music program to serve over 300 students is $30,000.  In order to reach this goal we need each family to participate as best they can. We can meet our goals if every family would do the following:

  1. Voluntarily contribute or participate in fundraisers equaling $100 
  2. Turn in : Boxtops, old cell phones, tablets and computers
  3. Sell Tickets to our friends and family to our concerts 
  4. Link your Ralphs card to HMDPA (tell your friends and family to as well)
  5. If you buy something from, you come to our website first and click on our link or use this shortened URL to shop --
  6. Link your AmazonSmile Shopping Account to HMDPA at

Every dollar you donate will be considered a contribution and will add to the benefits listed below. Boxtops, Cell phones,  and Ink will no longer be included in these totals. This can be done in the form of a Check, Paypal, or with HMDPA provided fundraising.

Basic                Amount       Benefits

Husky Pup         $50              Free DVD or Blu-ray of Winter Concert (Value $20)

                           $8               Smart Music

                           $15            Polo Shirt or performance tie

Husky Dawg       $100            Free DVD or Blu-ray of End of year Concert (Value $15) - and all of the above