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Music Classes

Course Descriptions

All Classes below will perform regular concerts for the school, parents and local festivals. Students this year will be exposed to recording studio concepts, professional performance environments and music theory with an emphasis in cutting edge technology. All Classes will either perform on stage at Disneyland (they pay us!) or do a "recording" workshop backstage in Disney.

Beg String Orchestra

This is the first step to becoming a music student. No Music experience needed. Students will learn the basics of note reading and will be exploring the orchestra instruments: Violin, Cello, Bass, and Viola. Students will then pick one to study for the year. Instruments will be available for student use if needed.

Advanced String Orchestra

This is the top orchestra here at Hillsdale. Students in this class will further develop their musical skills and have greater opportunities to perform such as Disneyland, local Solo and Ensemble festivals as well as work with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

Beginning Band

This is a highly accelerated first step in the Hillsdale Music Program. No music experience is needed. Students will choose an instrument and then study it for the year. Students will participate in an optional recording session at Disneyland as well as concerts for our community.

Intermediate Band/Orchestra

The second step in the Hillsdale Music Program. Students enter the Intermediate level after at least one year of training or upon the director's discretion. They will be working with more complex and demanding music.

Concert Band

The third step in the Hillsdale Music Program. Students enter Concert Band after at least two years of training or with permission from Mr. Caldwell. We will be bringing in instrument coaches to work with students on their instruments on a weekly basis. Disneyland and an overnight trip in May (optional) are planned after school events. This class should also consider county, state, and all-southern honor bands.

Symphonic Band

This is the top concert band. It is only for those students who have shown excellent progress in the past and have desire to develop their music skills to the utmost of their ability. This class will operate with a greater emphasis on ensemble performance excellence.